10,193 A.G.

In this Year of the Dune Universe:


  • Paul Atreides takes the Water of Life, and finds that it does not kill him, but gives him a vision of the military forces that await him, orbiting around Arrakis.


  • Many raids and sabotage missions are launched by Paul, against the spice traders and smugglers of Arrakis.

  • Harkonnens begin to retaliate, and in raid, they capture Alia Atreides.

  • After the Emperor arrives on Arrakis to settle the problem of why no spice is being transported off it, Paul and a legion of Fremen attack his forces, and overwhelm them, capturing the Emperor and his subjects.

  • Fremen Jihad begins as the religious fanatics of Paul's religion, spread like wildfire across the universe and subdue any house that defies Paul, as well as spreading their news of the messiah.


  • Death of Glossu Rabban, brother of Feyd-Rautha.

  • Thufir Hawat sacrifices his life instead of betraying his house.


  • The climate of Salusa Secundus is tamed.

  • Planet Arrakis, with the help of imperial funding, steadily begins to undergo a terraforming process.

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