Addictive Withdrawal

Spice Mining
Mining of the Spice on Arrakis,
which causes Addictive Withdrawal
When an Addict is not Sated.

Name: Addictive Withdrawal
Cause: A sudden deficit of Spice in a Spice addicted Individual.
Location: Across the universe

"In this time, the most precious substance in the universe is the spice melange."
-Princess Irulan, Opening to Dune

Occurrence Information

Addictive withdrawal, a possibly fatal affliction, was caused by a Melange addict not being able to get his regular intake of the drug. When a person became an addict, their body relied on the melange as it would rely on food or air, and lack of it, or even a small decrease in drug intake, would cause noticeable changes in the individuals behavior and health.


The afflicted individual would become sick, possibly delirious, and, if not given the drug they needed, would die. Usually, addictive withdrawal sufferers would be able to survive their ordeal by slowly lessening their drug intake, and eventually coming off it completely, but with melange the process could not be reversed.

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