Name: Baliset
Object Type: Musical Instrument
Found: Across the Known Universe, mostly created on Chusuk.
Function: Entertainment
Affiliation: Used by many minstrels, poets and singers, notably Gurney Halleck.
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"Nine-stringed musical instrument, lineal descendant of the zithra, tuned to the Chusuk scale and played by strumming. Favorite instrument of Imperial troubadours."

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A musical instrument prized across the universe for its calming dulcet tones, the baliset was a plucking instrument, with nine strings. Mostly made with
Gurney Halleck
Gurney Halleck with his signature baliset.
skill on the planet Chusuk, the baliset was a descendant of the Zither, and was probably played in the same way and produced the same sort of sound frequency. The Atreides soldier and swordsmaster Gurney Halleck favoured the instrument during his days with his Duke, but continued to use it even after the House's near destruction.

Out of-Universe Information

In the Lynch film in 1984, the Baliset was depicted using a real, albeit exotic, musical instrument called a "Chapman Stick". The instrument is half guitar and half bass guitar and played like a keyboard by tapping on the fingerboard. In the movie, a rounded body was added which rotated while being played in the unabridged version of the film.

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