BaronyA City on Giedi Prime, Likely to be The Barony.

Name: The Barony
Place type: Structure
Purpose: Housing and command center for The Baron Harkonnen
Planetary Location: Giedi Prime
Inhabitants: Harkonnens
Affiliation: House Harkonnen

"You failed me at the moment I needed you most. Never again will I look upon your face. This I swear: From this day forth, let all who bear the name Atreides spit on the name of Harkonnen!"
-Vorian Atreides

Place Information

Located on the dark Harkonnen planet of Giedi Prime, The Barony was a mighty and ominous city, home to the Baron Harkonnen. The Baron made the city his center of operations, and here housed not only himself, but others of his royal House and his guests. Suposedly, a gladiatorial arena would have been situated in the Barony's proximity, hence the number of times Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen trained there.

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