Bijaz - Activator of the Hayt (Duncan Idaho) ghola. A ghola himself created by the Tlielaxu as part of the conspiracy against Paul Atreides. Bijaz was part of an inner conspiracy to obtain a stronger negotiating position for the Tleilaxu and cement their power within Paul's Empire. Bijaz's task and reason for existence was to be an "inner wheel" of the "wheels" of the Conspiracy which involved the Bene Gessirit, Spacing Guild, Princess Irulan, the Tleilaxu and dissident factions of the Qizarate against Paul's Empire.

Bijaz was the "catalyst dwarf" who would activate Hayt in order to inspire him to murder Paul Atreides. The Conspiracy was aware of the consequences of the birth control agents delivered to Chani by Irulan and realized that a birth would probably end her life. Bijaz's task was to deliver to Paul the Tleilaxu offer of resurrecting Chani as a ghola and if necessary deliver to Alia the offer to also resurrect Paul as well if Hayt succeeded in slaying Paul.

Bijaz also carried the names of the Qizarate accomplices to the Conspiracy in order to entice Paul to take him from Otheym's home and deliver him to close proximity to the Hayt.

Bijaz had a bizarre way of speaking, often talking in simple riddles, puns and ironic turns of phrase. One had to pay close attention to him in order to ascertain the content of his speech. He was purchased by Otheym as a "toy" given to Paul as a conduit for the names of the Qizarate traitors.

Bijaz did in fact activate the Hayt, commanding him to "strike at Paul" when Hayt was told by Paul that "She is gone"but due to an unforeseen complication, that the stress of trying to murder Paul would re-awaken Duncan's past memories, the Tleilaxu's "conspiracy within the conspiracy" failed to deliver its goals. Duncan instead "reawakened" and refused to harm Paul.

Name: Bijaz
Lifespan: ????
Homeworld: One of the Tleilaxu worlds
Afilliation: Bene Tleilax operative

Bijaz, overjoyed at seeing Duncan Idaho return, and the prospect of his former memories being restored, insisted that Chani could be resurrected with her "memories intact".

Instead of accepting Bijaz's offer Paul begged Duncan to murder Bijaz, which Duncan did, ending Bijaz's appeals to Paul and freeing Paul from the Tleixlaxu.

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