Chronological List of Events in Dune

The following is a chronological list of events in the Dune Universe, with their respective dates, and links to the main article concerning the event. For ellaborated views of a particular year, go to the article concerning that year. Expanded views on all years can be found in Category: Years:


10,175 A.G.

Paul Atreides, heir to House Atreides, is born. This was not what the Bene Gesserit wanted.

10,191 A.G.

House Atreides is given charge of Arrakis, and find most of their Spice mining equipment is broken.

The Harkonnens make a devastating attack on Arrakis, and cripple the Atreides, to the point where only a few of them survive.

Wellington Yueh betrays House Atreides, and is then killed by the Harkonnens he trusted.

Leto Atreides I is killed, but takes the life of Piter De Vries in the process.

Duncan Idaho is killed.

Thufir Hawat is forced into servitude under the Harkonnens.

Paul Atreides and Jessica escape into the desert.

Liet-Kynes is killed.

Paul Atreides becomes the Kwistaz Haderach, and sees parts of the future that may be.

Paul and Jessica are accepted into Fremen society by Stilgar, Naib of Sietch Tabr.

Alia Atreides is born.

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