Duke Leto Atreides

Duke Leto Atreides
Name: Duke Leto Atreides
Set: Eye of the Storm
Cost: 5
Faction: Atreides

For the character himself see: Leto Atreides I

The noble leader of House Atreides, Duke Leto enjoys great popularity in the Landsraad.

Trading Card Information

Duke Leto Atreides is the 31st card in the Dune: Eye of the Storm set. Its cost is 5, it is affiliated with House Atreides and it possesses an Arbitration talent of 4, and a dueling talent of 1, as well as a resistance of 3 and a command value of 3. It is an Ally - Noble - Duke and possesses an effect: Initiative (declaration): Engage to add +X to your declared favour. X equals Leto's command rank. The card was illustrated by Mark Zug.

Dune Reference

Duke Leto is a character in Dune, as well as in several of the Preludes to Dune. The father of Paul Atreides, he is the leader of House Atreides, and is killed during Dune by Vladimir Harkonnen.

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