Dune Smugglers

Dune Smugglers
Name: Dune Smugglers
Organisation Type: Covert Operation
Center of Operations: Arrakis
Equipment and abilities: Smuggling tools
Function: Spice smuggling
Intentions: Profit for their organisation.

You have found us, and proven you are worthy of our attention. We are outlaws to be sure, and our life is fraught with peril. But with great risk comes great reward. Water. Coffee. Liquor. Spice. Serve us long enough and you'll have enough spice to a seat on the Landsraad Council. If you should fail in your grasp for power we will smuggle you to safety off-planet...if you can afford it.

Organisational Information

A covert operation established on Arrakis, the Dune Smugglers, lead by Esmar Tuek, were a large number of people skilled in the art of smuggling. On Arrakis, spice smuggling was the primary task given to any smuggler, but other substances would also have been smuggled. Due to Esmar Tuek's dislike of the houses of the Imperium, the Dune Smugglers would never side with any Great House, or give their allegience to any of the Imperium.

Deep in the recesses of Tuek's Sietch, Esmar Tuek leads his followers among the cities like Fremen move among the dunes. He recognises no Imperial overlord, anf will bend his knee to no so-called Great House, for he knows the houses may hold wealth, but people like his actually earn it.

Out of-Universe Information

The Dune Smugglers appear only in the Dune CCG, and are therefore considered to be non-canon. They are one of three improvised factions in the game, the other two being the Spice Miners Guild and the Water Sellers Union. Characters in the faction, such as Esmar Tuek himself, are also considered to be non-canon.

Non-CanonThis Article is Non-Canon.

This article contains information featured only in Dune media, and not in the official Dune databases. It is therefore considered non-canon.

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