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Like Wikipedian, the term Dunepedian is used to associate the members of Dunepedia with their site. People who join Dunepedia are given the privelage of contributing to it. Those who do not are merely browsers, and are welcome to make comments. The reason that only registered users may edit content is to prevent vandalism and spamming, as these things usually occur when a site has no protection against them. Every Dunepedian (apart from the anonymous) has their own Profile page, and can assist in Dunepedia's construction.

Ranks of Dunepedians

From highest to lowest.

  • Administrator: These Dunepedians have the right to impose Dunepedia Rules, and oversee content that changes the site itself.
  • Moderators: Moderators are a step below Admins, as they cannot enforce rules. However, they can access and edit locked pages.
  • Registered User: Users can edit only unlocked pages, and cannot access the "bones" of Dunepedia.
  • Anonymous User: Those who use Dunepedia anonymously are still considered Dunepedians, though they can only leave comments on a page, and cannot edit anything.
  • A possible fifth rank exists, Trolls, though the powers that rank possesses differ, and it is more of an overall term than an actual rank. Trolls are site users that purposefully commit vandalism.

DunepediaThis Page is a Dunepedia Page

As such, it is protected from edits by users lesser than moderator level, as it is a page that is vitally important to the maintenance and operation of the site.

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