Dunepedian of The Month


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Those Dunepedians that have contributed greatly to Dunepedian will be given the honour ofbecoming Dunepedian of the Month. Their names will be placed on the hall of fame page, and they may, depending on the circumstances, even be able to upgrade to a higher rank (e.g. Registered User into Moderator). Their names will also be placed on the Home page for the duration of their reign.
Though it is the highest hounour on Dunepedia, there are also many lesser awards, in the form of barnstars, images and others, that can be handed out by anyone.

Golden Wiki Award
Dunepedians of the Month will be given this golden wiki award, which they may display prominently on their user pages.

As well as this userbox.

Golden Wiki AwardThis User was Dunepedian of the Month!

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