Name: Edric
Lifespan: ???? - 10,207 A.G.
Homeworld: Unknown
Affiliation: Spacing Guild
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This article concerns the Guild Navigator, Edric. You may be looking for the Navigator of a similar name, Edrik.

"Power tends to isolate those who hold too much of it. Eventually, they lose touch with reality... and fall."

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A Guild Navigator of the Spacing Guild, Edric was one of the conspirators, along with Gaius Helen Mohiam, Irulan Corrino and Scytale, that intended to assassinate Paul Atreides. Due to his being a Guild Navigator, Paul's powers of prescience did not effect Edric, and so their operation went on without Paul being able to see it. This was the prime reason for his involvement in the plan.


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Edric, Emissary of the Guild.
As of 10,207 A.G., Edric was involved in a plot to kill Paul Atreides. To begin this plot, Edric was sent as an emissary to Paul's palace. Here, he gave Paul a gift, the body of his old friend, Duncan Idaho, who had been killed to save Paul's life. Duncan had been resurrected in a ghola body by the Bene Tlielaxu, who had bought it earlier. The ghola, who referred to himself asHayt, held few of his previous life's memories, but was eager to learn. In secret, he had been sent to kill Paul, but disobeyed when he learned of his love for the boy in his previous life.
Edric met again with the conspirators, and this time they plotted to use a far more powerful destructive device against Paul, one banned by the Great Convention, whilst simultaneosly putting another enemy of his into palace. Scytale, a Tlielaxu Facedancer and one of the conspirators, adopted the disguise of Lichna, daughter of Otheym, a Fedaykin to Paul. Lichna was murdered to cover up the secret of Scytale's disguise. Otheym was, at the time, deathly ill, and so the disguised Lichna, presumably taking the errand that the original had failed to spoke to Paul, and urged him to come to her father. Paul saw through the disguise, but went along with their plan. Ariving at Otheym house, Paul was given Bijaz, a Tlielaxu dwarf whom the conspirators were in control of, who was said to hold the names of the traitors to Paul's court. Bijaz urged Paul to leave with haste, and he did so, in time enough to see the explosion of a Stone Burner shake the land behind him, blinding him in the process.
Having failed to kill Paul in this way, the conspirators attempted twice more to defeat him. Firstly, Bijaz was sent to hypnotise Duncan into killing Paul when a certain mental trigger was activated (this failed), and secondly, sending Scytale to hold a knife to Leto and Ghanima, Paul childen (this too failed, resulting in Scytale's death). Having attempted kill his children, Paul rooted out his enemies, including Edric, and ordered them executed.

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