Eyes of the Ibad

Blue Within Blue Eyes
Name: Eyes of the Ibad
Cause: Saturation of the Spice Melange in the Bloodstream
Location: Arrakis

Then he was face to face with a hooded figure who crouched low, crysknife at the ready. Two more men stood waiting on the rocks above to left and right. Only the eyes of the fighting man ahead of him were visible to Gurney between hood and veil of a sand-colored burnoose, but the crouch and readiness warned him that here was a trained fighting man. The eyes were the blue-in-blue of the deep-desert Fremen.

Occurence Information

Eyes of the Ibad
Eyes of the Ibad.
"Eyes of the Ibad" was a term used on Arrakis to describe the effect that the Spice Melange had on the eyes of an individual whose bloodstream had been saturated with the drug due to years of exposure to it. The pigmentation of these eyes was described as blue-within-blue, and was ordinarily associated with the Fremen (they possessed the Eyes of the Ibad from the age of twelve onwards), though anyone living on Arrakis for long enough would obtain the same pigmentation, such as the planetologist Liet-Kynes, who lived on Arrakis in the service of Shaddam Corrino IV long enough for his eyes to change.

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