Face Dancer

Name: Face Dancer
Function: Infiltration, Subterfuge.
Affiliation: Tlielaxu

"[Tleilaxu Masters] have such a hard time accepting that Face Dancers can be independent of them." "I don't see why. It's a natural consequence. They gave us the power to absorb the memories and experiences of other people. Gather enough of those and..." "It's personas we take, Marty." "Whatever. The Masters should've known we would gather enough of them one day to make our own decisions about our own future."

Summarising Information

Also knownas a "Dhomel", Face Dancers were artificial organisms created by the Tleilaxu for service purposes. Earlier versions of Face Dancers had the ability to mimic a human being by observing them. They could not, however, totally mimic a human being down to their genitalia and other intimate features. Later augmented versions could absorb some of the memories of an individual. Face Dancers were considered "mules" and were not capable of reproduction. Naturally, the Face Dancer could not totally duplicate a person, conservation of mass forbade this. However they were capable of emulating a person very closely. In their "relaxed" form Face Dancers have been described as having a "short stature", "pug noses", "brushy hair", "bright eyes" and when they were angry they worked their jaws. Their features were relatively formless and the skin texture was considered "waxy". When the Tleilaxu created the augmented Face Dancers they neglected to consider the prospect that these Face Dancers might absorb enough memories to adopt personalities of their own. When this occurred the Face Dancers slipped beyond the control of their Masters. Face Dancers were also the only creature which struck terror into the hearts of the "Honored Matres" because they possessed a weapon which turned these creatures into "vegetables". Face Dancers may also have been the "handlers" who controlled the Futars, a predator with some verbal skills who hunted and ate members of the Honored Matres.

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