Fish Speaker

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Name: Fish Speaker
Function: Leto's Personal Armed Forces
Affiliation: House Atreides

Summarising Information

An exclusively female force except for its figurehead commander, Duncan Idaho, the Fish Speakers enforced Leto's tyranny and inflicted "predation" upon humanity during his reign, in order to force the human race onto the Golden Path. Styled as "Leto's Brides" the Fish Speakers replaced the Qizerate and Priests of Maud'dib's religion with a force of warriors who were solely loyal to the God Emperor and worshiped him as a living god. Leto hoped to create an "infinitely divergent" future, one beyond the grasp and vision of any Oracle. In order to accomplish this goal he inflicted stifling restrictions upon the human race, to be the "ultimate predator" in order to force the creation of a creature who could elude his visions. Among Leto's visions were alternate futures including extermination of the human race by intelligent creatures who were the product of Ixian tinkering. This vision of a total genocide of humanity drove Leto to the extremes of forging the Golden Path. Tyranny was the lesser of evils over total extermination. In order to fine tune this tyranny it was necessary to have a force which was personally loyal to him, which did not "seek death" but which would perform necessary tasks. Leto reasoned that since women gave birth and by their nature "faced death during the birth process" they would not flee from death but would not seek it either. Leto also reasoned that traditionally war was waged by young males who were on the outside fringes of the clan and who sought thrills and death. Using women as warriors and allowing for their near death experiences of motherhood caused them to bothtemper their responses and to temper the responses of males under their influence. With this force of even tempered female warriors and religious enforcers, strictly loyal to the person of the God Emperor, Leto hoped to forge the Golden Path. Leto co-opted rebels if possible, adopting them to serve propelling humanity onto the Golden Path. Other rebels were consumed by clashes with the Fish Speakers. Eventually the process worked, creating Siona Atreides, a rebel who was able to "elude the vision of the Oracle". Due to Ixian intrigue Leto died and "went back into the sand" as sandtrout, recreating the Dune phase of Arrakis. The Golden Path would live on through Siona, who during the "famine times" following the collapse of Leto's empire would lead the "scattering", creatingdivergent futures for humanity beyond the reach or vision of any Oracle or of any intelligent machine. Part of the diaspora of humanity would one day return to the old Empire in the form of "Honored Matres" who were born of an alliance of Fish Speakers and Bene Gesserit forged under crisis. In a sense the force which propelled the Golden Path now corrected a tired and complacent humanity, causing it to diverge once again into new futures. The term "Fish Speaker" came from an ancient order of Priestesses who during their oracular trances would claim to commune with sea life. Leto borrowed this term to name his feminine Army of Enforcers, human predators and goads who drove humanity towards a continuously diverging and ever beyond the reach or vision of the Oracle journey; the Golden Path.

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