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Friends of Dunepedia is a section on the home page containing links to Dunepedia's highly recommended fellow sites; sites that serve, or attempt to serve a similar purpose as Dunepedia. These are sites that are crucial to the Dune Universe:

Friends of :

The Official Dune WebsiteThe Official Dune Website

As the name suggests, The Official Dune Website is the site created officially by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. The site is a Friend of Dunepedia because it is a central hub for official Dune news and recent events coming strait from the author's mouth. It features hard to find information on past events as well, and galleries of Dune artwork.

Dune - Behind the ScenesDune - Behind the Scenes

Dune - Behind the Scenes is a brilliant site that takes a look at the out-of universe elements that went into the making of the Dune film and series. It also shows in depth how props, costumes, sets, and other elements of the film and series were created, and has near-exclusive information on the never-made Alejandrom Joderosky version of the film.


The first ever online wiki with real informational capacities, Wikipedia is like a mother all lesser wikis such as Dunepedia. Wikipedia contains a great deal of useful information on Dune, but unfortunately does not go into great depth about several important aspects of the universe, and bunches others onto a single page, giving only one line of explanation for something Dunepedia gives a whole page to.

The Dune Web RingThe Dune Webring

A collection of sites across the web concerning the Dune Universe, the Dune Webring is a great way of finding several Dune sites in one, as many excellent sites are linked to it.

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