Giedi Prime

Giedi Prime
Name: Giedi Prime
Planet type: One (breathable atmosphere)
Surface type: City, very little foliage.
Prominent Features: Vast, ominous cities and towering structures.
Settlements and Cities: The Barony, many lesser cities and mining facilities.
Satellites: Unknown
Orbits: Unknown
Inhabitants: Humans.
"Planet Giedi Prime, home of House Harkonnen."
-Excerpt from Spacing Guild Messege.

Planetological Information

The planet of Giedi Prime, due to its orbital star being of low heat radiation, was a barren and mostly inhospitable environment. The planet's rulers, House Harkonnen, had ordered the construction of huge cities and mines facilities on the world, and sought to overcome its inhospitality with military prowess, and by extracting vast quantities of minerals from it. This lead to a great deal of pollution being put into the atmosphere, making the planet all the more unpleasant, and giving its inhabitants a pale, unhealthy complexion.

Harkonnen Cities

Cities constructed by House Harkonnen were dark, looming, and ugly, stained with falling pollution from the sky.The greatest of these was the Barony, the capital, and home to the Baron Harkonnen during his rule of the planet. In a surprising paradox, Giedi Prime was not always the wasteland it had been, and was at a time, long before the rule of the Harkonnens, pleasantly acclimatised, and rich in vegetation, which was reduced to weeds and low-photosynthetic plants that grew on buildings and in areas of rare moisture.

Planetary History

Dark cities of Giedi Prime
An example of the dark cities on Giedi Prime.

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