Name: Glowglobe
Object Type: Illumination tool
Found: Across the Universe
Function: Light source
Affiliation: Many factions

GLOWGLOBE: Suspensor-buoyed illuminating device, self-powered (usually by organic batteries).
-Introduction to the Glowglobe

Technology Overview

The Glowglobe, used across the universe, was a hovering lamp-like device, that provided illumination in a room. It utilised a Holtzman generator, set to suspensor mode, that nulified gravitational pull around the object, and allowed it to float freely and gracefully, whilst generating light. The glowglobe could be made stationary, so as to illuminate a single room, or mobile, so as to follow a person around and generally illuminate around them. The glowglobe would ordinarily have been powered by self sustaining energy source, usually an organic battery. Glowglobes were highly useful, and so were used by almost everyone.

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