Great Belief

"We have come to our moment, O Prophet!"

Belief Overview

The Great Belief was the underlying belief system of the Bene Tleilax. Based upon the notion of fundamental superiority of those who promote the Belief over lesser beings (powindah), that the Bene Tleilaxu are the carriers and implementers of God's Will through their willingness to learn and as much as possible speak His Language (Genetic Manipulation), that patience and persistence will be rewarded by Him and that the ultimate sin is to deviate from His path, especially in the construction of mechanical minds

Religious Virtues

The virtues included in this system are Patience, Persistence, Humility, Sacrifice and Cleanliness in order to perform God's will.
Patience - Spannungsbogen, the willingness to endure, delay and marshall strengthin order to perfectly time victory over the forces of ignorance and unGodliness.
Persistence - the willingness to continue through insults, ignorance and indifference of lesser beings as well as our own weaknesses and sin.
Humility - to observe that God's goodness is so great as to dwarf all other things and that we are all but an element in His creation.
Sacrifice - that our personal discomforts and losses demonstrate our love and worthiness to stand in His presence. God smiles upon the pains born for His sake.
Cleanliness - that exposure to lesser beings and their sin requires cleansing and restoration into a close approximation of His grace.

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