Great Convention


The Great Covention was a collection of commonly applied rules of warfare and political struggle that bound humanity together while underpinning the Freufreleuches system. The system was imposed by the Landsraad. The Great Convention governed the use of weapons, rules of warfare and vendetta and furnished the teeth of the quasi feudal Freufreleuches system.


The Great Convention is quite complex and detailed but a few major points bear listing. The Great Convention forbids the use of atomic weapons against human beings. Such weapons, which include not only nuclear weapons but also devices such as "stone burners" which were capable of destroying planets. Such weapons were to be held as a "common defense" against "alien invasion" should such a thing ever happen. The Great Convention governed the use of force against "non-Combatants" in a way that minimized injury and death to bystanders. The Great Convention limited the types of poisons and toxins that might be used for warfare or assassination. Weapons of assassination and the scope of behavior of assassins were also governed by the Great Convention. The Great Convention required a formal Declaration of "Kanly" or the intention of obtaining revenge so that a fair contest might ensue.

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