Guild Navigator Entourage

Guild Navigator Entourage
Name: Guild Navigator Entourage
Function: Protection and Maintenance of a Guild Navigator and its tank.
Affiliation: Spacing Guild

"The Bene Gesserit witch must leave."
-Famous line spoken by one Guild Navigator Entourage member.

Profession Information

The Guild Navigator Entourage was a special, possibly elite, class of Guildsmen of the Spacing Guild, who were responsible for the care and maintenance, as well as the protection, of a Guild Navigator. Extreme loyalty would have been required to ensure that the Entourage was trustworthy, as they were the sole line between the destruction of a Navigator, the life-blood of the Spacing Guild.
Guild Navigator Entourage
Bob Ringwood's Guild costume.

Out of-Universe Information

As they appear only in the Dune film, television series and card game, the Guild Navigator Entourage is considered to be non-canon. In David Lynch's film, Dune, Guildsmen are seen to have tube-like technological augmentations in their heads. The tubes appear to protrude from their noses, and enter their skulls, causing a yellowish liquid to ebb from a wound-like area of the bald scalp. What these tubes are intended to represent is unknown. The costumes for the film (as seen in to the left), were designed by Bob Ringwood.
In the Dune card game it is implied that Guild Navigator Entourage members are in fact early-stage Navigators themselves.
In the Dune series, a more canonical representation of both the Guild Navigator Entourage and the Guildsman is seen. They have no augmentations, and appear loyal to the Guild, even to the point of cockiness.

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