Name: Harvester
Function: Spice Harvesting on Arrakis
Manufactured by: Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles

"Large (often 120 metres by 40 metres) spice mining machine ... buglike body on independent tracks."

Technology Information

Developed and constructed exclusively by CHOAM, and used by spice production managers on Arrakis to harvest Melange, the Harvester, also
Harvester in Use
A Harvester in use, with subsequent jet stream of sand flying from its rear.
known as a Harvester factory, was a large, bulky vehicle, able to travel across desert terrain, that sucked up sand through a protrusion at its front, sorted the sand from the spice, and stored the spice in storage containers. The sand was forced out in a stream from the back of the vehicle.

Carryall Use

Due to the territorial nature of the Sandworms, a harvester would have to make a quick "spice-run", then, when a worm was sighted (the appearance of one being "wormsign"), it would have to be lifted to safety by a Carryall, a large aerial craft able to lift several harvesters. The harvester would then be returned to its place of origin, and its spice containers unloaded.

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