House Ordos

House Ordos
Name: House Ordos
Organisation Type: Great House
Center of Operations: Sigma Draconis IV
Equipment and abilities: Various weapons, trade merchant connections.
Function: Merchant Great House
Intentions: Mercantile profiteering

House Ordos, from the iceworld Draconis IV. The Ordos are known for their use of forbidden technologies. Their leader is the Executrix, four beings that share a single mind. They communicate through a creature known only as 'The Speaker'. The Ordos are mercenary, they care for nothing except power and wealth. In the language of the Ordos, there are no words for the concepts of trust or honor; there are more than 300 for the concept of profit
-Introduction to House Ordos.

Organisational Information

Visual Introduction to House Ordos. Extracted from Emperor: Battle For Dune.
One of the Houses Major, House Ordos was a mercenary and mercantile faction, hailing from the frozen world of Draconis IV. House Ordos experimented with a number of technologies banned by the Great Convention. Whilst this gave them a number of advanced technologies and a general upper-hand on the rest of the universe, it made them distrusted by all, and created a smoke-screen of taboo around them. This may in fact have been what they intended. They were also renowned for their sheer lack of mercy, pity, decency and their machine-like desire to profiteer.

The Executrix

The Executrix with their Speaker.
The reason for the Ordos lack of humanity may have stemmed from their leader, the Executrix, four beings that shared a single mind and communicated via a creature they dubbed "The Speaker", a humanoid whom they were plugged into. The Executrix's mind worked in the same sort of "cause and effect" manner that a machine's would, and this was likely the cause of their intolerance and adamant disposition, and the basis for their dictator-like decisions.

All other considerations are trivial. - The Executrix

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