How to: Copy and Paste a Template



Firstly, find the template you need on the appropriate page, they can be found on any of the following pages:
With your cursor, click and drag over the template you want to copy and paste until all the words and images in the template have been highlighted. All templates are surrounded by an invsible box, seen only when in edit-mode, which you will need to copy too. The yellow box in the diagram below shows the area which you should be dragging the cursor over.
How to Highlight
With the template still highlighted, right click outside of the highlighted area, ensuring that you do not click on any highlighted images when you do so, as this will only giv eyou the option to copy the image and not the entire template. After right clicking, a list of options will appear where you clicked. Select the COPY option. The template has now been copied to your "clipboard". See the diagram below for an example.

How to Copy
Once the template you want has been copied to your clipboard, you can leave the page on which you found it, and go to the page where it is needed. Once there, click the easyedit button, and go to the section of the page where the template you just copied is needed. Right click where you want the template to go (you can go to the templates page for instructions on where you should paste a template), and then select paste from the list of options that appears. The template will appear on the page where you wanted it. See the diagram below for an example.

How to Paste
After the template has been sucessfully pasted onto the page you need it on, check to see if it is complete. If any part of the template, such as the image, the text, or even the invisible box around it, has not been pasted with the template, recopy and paste again after deleting the old template.

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