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As with any wiki, Dunepedia is maintained by the people who use it. On occasion, an article may be so badly in need of maintenance, that it is selected for the monthly Improvement Drive. The Improvement Drive provides a link from the Home Page directly to the article desperate for improvement. An article in the improvement drive will use the banner below. To see a list of Improvement Drive selected articles see List of Improvement Drive Articles.

Bene GesseritThe Bene Gesserit Believe this Article to be an Abomination

As such it has been selected for the Improvement Drive, and should be greatly improved, to the extent of it becoming featured, or you may find a Gom Jabbar in your bed.

Once the article has been improved, this banner is removed.

DunepediaThis Page is a Dunepedia Page

As such, it is protected from edits by users lesser than moderator level, as it is a page that is vitally important to the maintenance and operation of the site.

OldThis Article is Outdated

This article, and what it proclaims, is no longer part of the current Dunepedia usage. It is outdated, and therefore is kept purely for historical reference.

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