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This Page in BriefThis Page in Brief:

Improvement templates are there to point out the fact that a page is in need of improvement. Copy and paste one onto a page where it is needed.

The following is a list of templates on Dunepedia. These particular templates are used when an article is in need of improvement, have been vandalised, damaged, or simply need more information. Copy and paste a template onto a necessary page. Find instruction for the use of templates such as these on the Templates page.

Stub NutshellThis Article is a Stub

Though it is not incomplete, the information it has should be expanded upon.

Clarity?This Article Requires some Additional Clarity

One or more things on this article need to be clarified or researched.

Broken OrnithopterThe Fremen Demand that this Section be Dealt with

This section is in need of fixing, adding to, or improving, or its water will be taken for the tribe.

Guild SteersmanThe Guild is unhappy with this Article

Because of this, it should be improved, added to, or fixed, or they may remove your interstellar travel privileges.

UnfinishedThis Article is Unfinished

This article has been proclaimed as indisputably unfinished. Its written aspect ends either abruptly, or at the end of a section, but it is certainly not complete. Therefore its should be finished from where the previous contributor left off.

Otheym RenovatesThis Article is Undergoing Renovations

Due to its extreme necessity, and its obvious lack of quality content, this article is undergoing major renovations, which will change the look of the article entirely and may necessitate complete rewriting and reconstruction of the articles content.

Vital Topic"I want fifty legions of Sardaukar on Arrakis at once!"

This article covers a vital topic and is in need of immediate attention to fulfill the requirements of such an important topic. Therefore, it should be considered as top priority for editing.

R2-D2R2-D2 Knows He Shouldn't Be Here!

It has been suggested that this page is completely out of place on Dunepedia, and may have nothing to do with Dune at all! If this is the case (and ensure that it is before taking action), the page may be deleted. Ensure that you explain this to its creator first though, using the comments section, as it may be content that is useful on another site.

Homer SimpsonD'oh!

The style of language on this page needs to be changed to a more appropriate, Dune-relative form. It may contain slang, abbreviations, questionable language or words that cannot be discerned. In any case, it requires that these words be rooted out and changed to more appropriate or non violative words.

Quote Needed!This Article is Quote-Less!

All articles on Dunepedia should begin with a relevant or summarising quote. This one, despite our efforts, is lacking one. If you find one, add it at the top of the page, in italic letters, underneath any image templates.

The Baron's ContradictionThe Baron Has Made This Article Self-Contradictory

In a stunning political move, the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, in front of hundreds of pressmen, contradicted himself. He then went and edited an article on Dunepedia, and contradicted himself there again. The damage he has done is unacceptable, and so must be fixed. This article is self-contradictory, meaning that it states something to be true, and then contradicts that statement.

Mood!Gurney Has Proclaimed this Article as Contradictory

After reading through the article, Gurney Halleck, renowned troubadour swordsman of House Atreides, has proclaimed it to be contradictory, meaning that it contradicts a fact stated in another article, or that is officially the the truth. Unable to comprehend his predicament, Gurney has begun spouting nonsense. You must fix the article fast, or he may go mad!

Dune Messiah

Here lies a toppled god —
His fall was not a small one.
We did but build his pedestal,
A narrow and tall one.

It has been suggested that this article has no place on Dunepedia, it may be deleted. Discuss whether or not this should be so in the comments section, but take no action against or for it before its has been decided.


After consideration of its validity, this page is due for imminent deletion. It has no place on Dunepedia, and is either a page that already exists, is not relevant to Dune, or is entirely out of place. The creator of the page should save anything on it that he wishes to quickly, as it will be destroyed.

Bene GesseritThe Bene Gesserit Believe this Article to be an Abomination

As such it has been selected for the Improvement Drive, and should be greatly improved, to the extent of it becoming featured, or you may find a Gom Jabbar in your bed.


DunepediaThis Page is a Dunepedia Page

As such, it is protected from edits by users lesser than moderator level, as it is a page that is vitally important to the maintenance and operation of the site.

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