Symbol of Ix
Name: Ix
Surface type: Barren
Prominent Features: Underground cities and factories
Satellites: Unknown
Orbits: Alkaurops
Inhabitants: Ixians

"Many machines on Ix..."
- Oberon

Planetological Overview

Ix(pronounced "EEks" or "Ichs") was the Ninth planet of the Alkaurops Star system. The planet was home to a source of technological goods and possible source of violations of the proscriptions of the Butlernian Jihad. The name of the planet derives from the Roman number for 9, IX. The people of Ix dwelt underground, living in climate conditioned caverns where they labored to create machines and technological goods that they sold to an eager interstellar market. Among their wares were Heighliners, Chronometers, high quality industrial goods and various consumer items. At least once in its history the people of Ix were occupied by foriegn powers anxious to use their physical plant for other purposes. The Bene Tleilaxu briefly held the world in the attempt to synthesize the Spice Analog known as "Amal" while suppressing "sin" in the form of "self directed fighting Meks" which came too close the proscriptions of the Butlerian Jihad for the taste of the Tleilaxu. The God Emperor had persistent visions that if his Golden Path failed to come into being that the human race would be exterminated by thinking machines created by Ixian tampering. Ixian researchers rediscoveredthe "No Shield" which protected anyone within it from the "view of the Oracle". Within one of these devices Ixian Ambassador Malky created his "niece", Noree, in reality a feminized clone of himself that he targeted at the God Emperor. Another early prototype of this technology contained the Ixian "dictaphone" that recorded the thoughts of the God Emperor. Ix would develop a computer capable of replacing a Guild Navigator, breaking the Guild's monopoly on space flight. This "Navigation Computer" would aid in the "Scattering", breaking humanity free of the grip of the Oracle.

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