Name: Kaitain
Planet type: One (breatable atmosphere)
Surface type: Temperate and plentiful lands, some seas.
Prominent Features: Beautiful cities, cloudless skies.
Settlements and Cities: Imperial Capital and Seat of House Corrino
Satellites: Four moons
Orbits: Unknown
Inhabitants: Humans

On the Imperial planet Kaitain, immense buildings kissed the sky. Magnificent sculptures and opulent tiered fountains lined the crystal-paved boulevards like a dream. A person could stare for hours ... Kaitain was exquisitely planned and produced, with tree-lined boulevards, splendid architecture, well-watered gardens, flower barricades . . . and so much more ... Official Imperial reports claimed it was always warm, the climate forever temperate. Storms were unknown. No clouds marred the skies ... when the ornate Guild escort craft descended, [Kynes] had noted the flotilla of weather satellites, climate-bending technology that — through brute force — kept Kaitain a peaceful and serene place.
-Pardot Kynes

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