Name: Liet-Kynes
AKA: Kynes, or Liet (Fremen name)
Lifespan: 10,154 -
Homeworld: Arrakis
Affiliation: Fremen

"We are generalists. You can't draw neat lines around planet-wide problems. Planetology is a cut-and-fit science."

-Pardot Kynes

Biographical Information

The son of Pardot Kynes (first planetologist of Arrakis), Liet Kynes was a patron of his fathers profession, and was born to a Fremen mother after his father integrated in their society. As a planetologist (futuristic equivalent of an ecologist), Kynes shared the dream of his father that someday Arrakis could become a paradise, where none wanted for water. He assisted in the Fremen's collecting of water in their reservoirs, and acted as somewhat of an invisible leader, a guide, who would lead them until the time when the messiah came. He also took the role of the Judge of the Change, overseeing the Atreides family take over of Arrakis from the Harkonnens for the Emperor (calling himself "The Imperial Planetologist").


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