List of Cards in the Dune CCG

The following is a list of cards included in the cancelled card game Dune.

Dune:Eye of the Storm

The first set manufactured, Eye of the Storm contained 300 cards. The cards were all based on characters, situations, tactics and events that had been seen in Dune, and included recognisable persons from the book, such as Vladimir Harkonnen, Leto Atreides I, and Gaius Helen Mohiam.
1 Dune
2 Arrakeen
3 Carthag
4 Imperial Basin
5 The Minor Erg
6 The Open Bled
7 Caladan
8 Giedi Prime
9 Kaitain
10 Wallach IX
11 Tupile
12 Forbidden Zone
13 Caladanan Exports
14 Harkonnen Industries
15 Military Appropriations
16 Imperial Revenues
17 Sisterhood Covenant
18 Trespass Accord
19 Exchange Seat
20 Weather Control
21 Harvesting Contract
22 Spotter Control
23 CHOAM Directorship
24 Spacing Industries
25 Imperial Suk School
26 Bene Tleilax Accord
27 Machines from Ix
28 Suspensor Technologies
29 Smuggler Bribes
30 Windtrap Technologies
31 Duke Leto Atreides
32 Paul Atreides
33 Thufir Hawat
34 Duncan Idaho
35 Gurney Halleck
36 Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
37 Feyd Rautha
38 Piter de Vries
39 Glossu Rabban
40 Iakin Nefud
41 Shaddam IV
42 Count Hasimir Fenring
43 Commander Aramsham
44 Doctor Kynes
45 Jareh Benquait
46 Gaius Helen Mohiam
47 Lady Jessica
48 Princess Irulan
49 Lady Margot
50 Sister Ramallo
51 Stilgar
52 Chani
53 Korba
54 Jamis-Fremen Warrior
55 The Shadout Mapes
56 Oberon
57 Gauvir Mucca
58 Albrecht Nim
59 Dorvin Saeth
60 Liscia Theirese
61 Atreides Propagandist
62 Harkonnen Slavemaster
63 Levenbreche
64 Renegade Sister
65 Fremen Naib
66 Guild Navigator
67 House Mentat
68 House Swordmaster
69 House Physician
70 House Assassin
71 House Agent
72 CHOAM Delegate
73 Landsraad Emissary
74 Dune Smuggler
75 Guard Commander
76 Sandworm
77 Coriolis Storm
78 Spice Blow
79 Smuggler Activity
80 Dune Charter Renewal
81 Production Bonus
82 Spice Mining Inspection
83 Water Riot
84 Imperial Favor
85 Imperial Reprimand
86 Guild Stockpiling
87 CHOAM Dividends
88 CHOAM Restructuring
89 Guild Surplus
90 Petitioning Delays
91 Hoarding Tithe
92 Emperor's Outrage
93 Military Transport
94 CHOAM Recess
95 Landsraad Summit
96 Holding Tithes
97 Alliance Negotiations
98 CHOAM Insolvency
99 Philanthropy Drive
100 Assembly of Lords
101 Armistice Treaty
102 Landsraad Inquest
103 Irulan's Peace Event, Imperium Brian Durfee U
104 Imperial Fete Event, Imperium David Leri R
105 House Turmoil Event, Imperium Walter Velez R
106 Recruitment Drive Venture, Deployment Alan Pollack C
107 Water Rationing Venture, Deployment Walter Valez C
108 Policy of Oppression Venture, Engagement Alan Clark C
109 Salvaging Operation Venture, Draw Doug Chaffee R
110 Silo Destruction Venture, Discard Eric Anderson R
111 Exchange Proxy Venture, Exchange Doug Beekman C
112 Return to the Floor Venture, Petition Brian Durfee C
113 Unprecedented Intercession Venture, Petition Audrey Corman R
114 Informal Induction Venture, Petition Ron Walotsky U
115 Stranglehold Venture, Petition Mark Maxwell U
116 Formal Discharge Venture, Transfer Cortney Skinner C
117 Usurp Holding Venture, Transfer Mark Maxwell C
118 Arclight Assault Venture, Battle Walter Valez C
119 Pogrom Venture, Battle Ted Naifeh C
120 Surgical Strike Venture, Battle Tom Baxa U
121 Sand Scrub Venture, Battle Doug Chaffee U
122 Expeditionary Invasion Venture, Battle Debbie Hughes R
123 House Atomics Venture, Battle Eric Anderson R
124 Forbidden Match Venture, Dueling Stephen Daniele C
125 Best Blade Venture, Dueling Stephen Daniele C
126 Act of Cowardice Venture, Dueling John Pierard U
127 Compel Surrender Venture, Dueling Audrey Corman R
128 Vendetta Venture, Dueling Stephen Daniele R
129 Coins under the Table Venture, Arbitration Cortney Skinner C
130 Proces Verbal Venture, Arbitration Alan Pollack U
131 Provoke Insurgency Venture, Arbitration Alan Pollack C
132 Subvert Arrangement Venture, Arbitration Darryl Elliott U
133 Historic Acquisition Venture, Arbitration Debbie Hughes R
134 Liquidation Measures Venture, Arbitration David Leri R
135 Twilight Assault Venture, Intrigue Tom Baxa C
136 Terrorism Venture, Intrigue Stephen Daniele U
137 Implicate Traitor Venture, Intrigue Walter Valez C
138 Industiral Sabotage Venture, Intrigue Ron Walotsky U
139 Betrayal Venture, Intrigue Anthony Hightower R
140 Chaumurky Venture, Intrigue Audrey Corman R
141 Waking Dream Premonition Venture, Prescience David Fooden U
142 Spice Trance Venture, Prescience David Fooden U
143 Prescience Trance Venture, Prescience Doug Beekman U
144 Traverse Fold-Space Venture, Prescience Terry Pavlet R
145 Prophetic Vision Venture, Prescience Rob Alexander R
146 Weirding Way Venture, Weirding Zak Plucinski U
147 Litany Against Fear Venture, Weirding John Pierard U
148 Sharing of Inner Lives Venture, Weirding Zak Plucinski R
149 Voice Command Venture, Weirding David Fooden U
150 Truth Saying Venture, Weirding Alan Clark R
151 Knife Tip Shatters Tactic, Engagement Ted Naifeh C
152 Weapon Misfire Tactic, Engagement Zak Plucinski C
153 Shield Failure Tactic, Engagement Zak Plucinski C
154 Device Malfunction Tactic, Engagement Darryl Elliott C
155 Inert Poison Tactic, Declaration Mark Poole R
156 Priority Matter Tactic, Declaration Brian Durfee C
157 False Diversion Tactic, Declaration Walter Valez C
158 Security Sweep Tactic, Declaration David Cherry C
159 Production Setbacks Tactic, Declaration Adam Wallenta C
160 Storm Hazard Tactic, Declaration Walter Valez C
161 Predawn Ritual Tactic, Declaration Michael Apice C
162 Rachag_Stimulants Tactic, Declaration Christina Wald C
163 Fold-Space Complications Tactic, Declaration Mark Maxwell R
164 Supply Tampering Tactic, Declaration Mark Maxwell R
165 Covert Venture Tactic, Declaration Debbie Hughes R
166 Aborted Raid Tactic, Declaration Doug Chaffee U
167 Vanish without Trace Tactic, Declaration Debbie Hughes U
168 Pre-Emptive Strike Tactic, Declaration Walter Velez U
169 Imperial Recess Tactic, Declaration Terry Pavlet U
170 Long, Cold Night Tactic, Declaration John Monteleone U
171 Exchange Suspension Tactic, Exchange, Declar. Doug Chaffee R
172 Quality Inspection Tactic, Exchange, Declar. Debbie Hughes R
173 Exchange Violation Tactic, Exchange, Declar. Mark Maxwell R
174 Claim Initiative Tactic, Initiative, Declar. Zak Plucinski C
175 Hidden Reserves Tactic, Initiative, Declar. John Monteleone R
176 False Allegations Tactic, Initiative, Declar. Zak Plucinski C
177 Powerful Ally Tactic, Initiative, Declar. Mark Poole U
178 Invocation of Caste Tactic. Initiative, Declar. Cortney Skinner U
179 Magnanimous Appeal Tactic, Petition, Declar. David Martin U
180 Collusion Tactic, Petition, Declar. Ted Naifeh R
181 Venomous Faith Tactic, Petition, Declar. Ted Naifeh U
182 Scuttled Negotiation Tactic, Petition, Declar. David Leri R
183 Early Procurment Tactic, Petition, Declar. Walter Velez R
184 Petitioning Savvy Tactic, Petition, Declar. Don Hillsman R
185 Petitioning Tithe Tactic, Petition, Declar. Mark Maxwell R
186 Ambitious Enterprise Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. David Leri C
187 Financial Reward Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. John Monteleone U
188 Well-Placed Bribes Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. David Martin C
189 Sterling Reputation Tactic, Arbitration,Declar. Debbie Hughes U
190 Public Defamation Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. Cortney Skinner C
191 Diplomatic Initiative Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. Ted Naifeh U
192 Interests of Detante Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. Walter Velez R
193 Buyout Agreement Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. Zak Plucinski R
194 Brilliant Rhetoric Tactic, Arbitration,Declar. David Leri U
195 Imperial Codex Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. Audrey Corman R
196 Feigned Unreadiness Tactic, Battle, Engagement Debbie Hughes C
197 Battle Fatalities Tactic, Battle, Engagement Stephen Daniele R
198 Marshalling of the Troops Tactic, Battle, Declaration Doug Chaffee U
199 Perilous Terrain Tactic, Battle, Declaration Eric Anderson U
200 Low Morale Tactic, Battle, Declaration Walter Velez C
201 Famous Battle Account Tactic, Battle, Engagment John Monteleone U
202 Fanaticism Tactic, Battle, Engagement Anthony Hightower C
203 Battle Captive Tactic, Battle, Engagement John Pierard R
204 Surprise Assault Tactic, Battle, Engagement Matt Wilson U
205 Terrain Advantage Tactic, Battle, Engagement Terry Pavlet R
206 Knife Switch Tactic, Duel, Engagement Christina Wald U
207 Slow Attack Tactic, Duel, Engagement Stephen Daniele C
208 Poisoned Blade Tactic, Duel, Engagement Christina Wald R
209 Moonlit Fray Tactic, Duel, Declaration David Leri U
210 Imperial Intervention Tactic, Duel, Declaration Debbie Hughes C
211 Blade Parry Tactic, Duel, Engagement Christina Wald R
212 Dueling Honors Tactic, Duel, Engagement Brian Durfee U
213 Secund-Elect Tactic, Duel, Declaration John Monteleone U
214 Formal Impressment Tactic, Duel, Engagement Ron Walotsky R
215 Blinding Defense Tactic, Duel, Engagement Don Hillsman C
216 Focused Gambit Tactic, Intrigue,Engagement John Monteleone C
217 Unforseen Difficulties Tactic, Intrigue, Declar. Zak Plucinski U
218 Intelligence_Espionage Tactic, Intrigue, Engage Darryl Elliott C
219 Witness Testimonial Tactic, Intrigue, Engage. Cortney Skinner U
220 Column of Smoke Tactic, Intrigue, Declar. Debbie Hughes C
221 Mentat Precision Tactic, Intrigue, Declar. John Monteleone U
222 Tiger Cunning Tactic, Intrigue, Engage. David Leri U
223 Back to the Wall Tactic, Intrigue, Engage. Brian Durfee R
224 Bodies in the Well Tactic, Intrigue, Engage. John Monteleone R
225 Hostage Option Tactic, Intrigue, Engage. Walter Velez R
226 Engineering Corps Personnel, Corps, Division John Bridges R
227 Assassin Cohort Personnel, Corps, Cohort Walter Velez C
228 Imperial Courtiers Personnel, Corps, Legation Walter Velez R
229 CHOAM League Personnel, Corps, Legation Doug Chaffee C
230 Landsraad Coalition Personnel, Corps, Legation Walter Velez C
231 Guild Entourage G Personnel, Corps, Legation Mark Zug U
232 Missionaria Protectiva B Personnel, Corps, Legation Doug Beekman U
233 Atreides Battalion A Personnel, Troop, Battalion Walter Velez U
234 Fremen Battalion F Personnel, Troop, Battalion Doug Beekman U
235 Harkonnen Battalion H Personnel, Troop, Battalion Walter Velez U
236 Sardaukar Battalion C Personnel, Troop, Battalion Doug Chaffee U
237 House Battalion Personnel, Troop, Battalion Walter Velez C
238 Sabotage Device Equipment, Device Mark Maxwell U
239 Thumper F Equipment, Device Doug Chaffee R
240 Oil Lense Binoculars Equipment, Device, Sensor Doug Chaffee C
241 Poison Snooper Equipment, Device, Sensor Christina Wald C
242 Seismic Probes Equipment, Device, Sensor Darryl Elliott R
243 Baliset Equipment, Device Christina Wald C
244 Personal Shield Equipment, Device, Shield Christina Wald C
245 Shigawire Bonds Enhancement, Bonds Christina Wald R
246 Symbol of Authority Equipment, Device, Emblem Audrey Corman R
247 Crysknife F Equipment, Weapon, Blade Randy Asplund-Faith R
248 Kindjal Equipment, weapon, Blade Christina Wald C
249 Slip-Tip Equipment, Weapon, Blade Christina Wald U
250 Hunter Seeker Equipment, Device, Weapon Doug Chaffee U
251 Flip-Dart Equipment, Weapon, Needle Christina Wald R
252 Gom Jabbar B Equipment, Weapon, Needle David Fooden R
253 Maula Pistol Equipment, weapon, Project. Debbie Hughes C
254 Stunner Equipment, Weapon, Project. Doug Chaffee U
255 Lasgun Rifle Equipment, Weapon, Project. Doug Chaffee R
256 Spice Harvester Equipment, Transport Randy Asplund-Faith C
257 Carryall Equipment, Transport Randy Asplund-Faith C
258 Guild Heighliner G Equipment, Transport Mark Maxwell R
259 Maker Hooks F Equipment, Transport Doug Chaffee R
260 Desert-Rigged Ornithopter Equipment, Transport Randy Asplund-Faith C
261 Garrison Enhancement, Bastion Courtney Skinner C
262 Ecological Testing Site Enhancement, Bastion Doug Chaffee U
263 Formidable Patron Enhancement, Compact Cortney Skinner C
264 Hereditary Claim Enhancement, Compact Cortney Skinner C
265 Imperial Seal Enhancement, Compact Audrey Corman R
266 Palace Keep Enhancement, Bastion David Cherry U
267 Sietch Community Enhancement, Bastion Brian Durfee U
268 'Thopter Outpost Enhancement, Bastion Mark Maxwell C
269 Command Center Enhancement, Bastion Cortney Skinner C
270 House Shield Generator Equipment, Device, Shield Mark Maxwell R
271 Windtrap Enhancement, Bastion Doug Chaffee C
272 Arms Training Enhancement, Skill Terry Pavlet C
273 Diplomacy Enhancement, Skill David Martin C
274 Mentat Analysis Enhancement, Skill Larry Elmore U
275 Prescience Enhancement, Skill David Fooden U
276 Shield Fighting Enhancement, Skill Zak Plucinski U
277 Subterfuge Enhancement, Skill Terry Pavlet C
278 Valor Enhancement, Skill Terry Pavlet C
279 Weirding Combat Enhancement, Skill Zak Plucinski U
280 Weirding Talent Enhancement, Skill David Fooden U
281 Badge of the Lion Enhancement, Title Brian Durfee U
282 Heir Designate Enhancement, Title Val Mayerik R
283 High Steersman Enhancement, Title John Bridges R
284 Master of Assassins Enhancement, Title Val Mayerik U
285 Naib's Countenance Enhancement, Compact Val Mayerik R
286 Order of the Sword Enhancement, Title David Leri U
287 Peer of the Realm Enhancement, Title Cortney Skinner U
288 Full Reverend Mother Enhancement, Title Mark Zug R
289 Accomplished Blademaster Enhancement, Title John Monteleone U
290 Truth Sayer Enhancement, Title Doug Beekman R
291 Hand of God Enhancement, Condition Frank Kelly-Freas C
292 Heat Sickness Enhancement, Sickness Don Hillsman U
293 Imperial Conditioning Enhancement, Condition Mark Poole U
294 Juice of Sapho Enhancement, Condition Christina Wald C
295 Prescience Shielding Enhancement, Condition Doug Beekman R
296 Secret Allegiance Enhancement, Condition David Martin U
297 Spice Addiction Enhancement, Sickness David Fooden R
298 Timed Drug Enhancement, Sickness David Fooden R
299 Poison Gas Tooth Enhancement, Condition Terry Pavlet R
300 Residual Poison Enhancement, Sickness Alan Clark

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