Maker Hook

Maker Hooks
Name: Maker Hooks
Object Type: Tool
Found: Arrakis
Function: Restraint and riding equipment for the sandwrom.
Affiliation: Fremen

"The hooks used for capturing, mounting, and steering a sandworm of Arrakis."
-Explaination of the Maker Hooks.

Object Overview

Used primarily by the Fremen of Arrakis, maker hooks were hook-ended staffs, used in pairs, that, when applied properly to the back of a
Often a Thumper was used to attract a worm, who would then be mounted with the maker hooks.
sandworm, would hold open sections of the woms segmented outer skin, revealing softer and more delicate skin below. When this skin was revealed, the sandworm would not submerge beneath the sand, as this would damage the membranes within it, and instead would follow the rein-like movements of the maker hooks, allowing it to be ridden by the one who held them above the sand. The process of attaching these hooks and mounting the worm however, was slightly more complex, as it required that a worm be first attracted to the location, and then, as it emerged from the sand, the hooks to be quickly attached. This left a lot of room for fault, as misjudging the size of the worm, or its path could meant that instead of standing at the perimeter of the worm's emergence, one could instead stand within it, and be devoured. As it was such a risky and dangerous thing to attempt, few people, other than the Fremen, who practised with maker hooks from childhood, ever attempted to ride a worm.

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