Missionaria Protectiva

Missionaria Protectiva
Name: Missionaria Protectiva
Organisation Type: Mythmakers
Center of Operations: Unknown
Equipment and abilities: Bene Gesserit training
Function: Myth creators for the Bene Gesserit
Intentions: To stabilise future civilisations by creating myths for them to stick by.


The Misionaria Protectiva were a special operations group of the Bene Gesserit. Their mission was to "seed" superstitions on "backward" worlds in order for Bene Gesserit sisters in distress to obtain succor or aid and to futher their influence. The "prophecy" of the "Mahdi" amongst the Fremen was a product of the Missionaria Protectiva, exploited at first by Jessica and Paul to obtain aid from the Fremen, later to inspire the Fremen to their Jihad through the known Universe.

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