Padishah Emperor

Padishah Emperor
Name: Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
Function: Ruling individual for all Houses Minor and Major. Ruler of Imperial House. Commander of the Sardaukar legions.

Known Padishah Emperors in order of their rule:
CorrinoUnder House Corrino:
  • Faykan Butler I
  • Hassik III
  • Ishaq XV
  • Idriss I
  • Crown Prince Raphael
  • Vutier II
  • Fondil III
  • Elrood IX
  • Shaddam Corrino IV
Chronology Unknown Corrino Emperors:
  • Ishaq XV
  • Mandias
  • Shaddam Corrino I
AtreidesUnder House Atreides:

Man participates in all cosmic events.
-Legacies of Kaitain by Idriss I.

Political Information

At the head of the great fuedal system of the Universe, with rulership over all lesser houses, was the Padishah Emperor. The Emperor's duties involved the maintenance of his Empire, the commandment of his Sardaukar legions, whose martial prowess kept the Emperor at the top, and the sucession of his bloodline. The term Padishah (پادشاه) means great king, or king of kings in Persian. Originally, the Emperor's seat of power was on Salusa Secundus. However, after the planet was rendered near unihabitable by atomics, the Imperium Center was moved to Kaitain. The Padishah Emperor was a descendant of a royal bloodline, two of which are known of, and ruled over the Imperial House, one and the same as the Imperium, which in turn ruled over all other houses. Padishah Emperor's have so far have descended from only two bloodlines, House Corrino and House Atreides.

Padishah Emperors of the Past

Spoilers AheadWarning: Spoilers Follow For Dune Universe, Caution Advised!

Since the stablishment of the Imperium, and for as far back as we know, the Padishah Emperor always descended from House Corrino. This changed however, when Paul Atreides overthrew Shaddam Corrino IV, and began the Atreides lineage.

Faykan Butler I

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The first of the Padishah Emperor's Faykan Butler, otherwise known as Faykan Butler I, was the son of Quentin Butler and the grandson of Xavier Harkonnen. He was born in 145 B.G.

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