Name: Sardaukar
Function: Soldiers Under the Command of the Padishah Emperor
Affiliation: Imperium
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"The Sardaukar . . . soldier fanatics . . . tough, strong, ferocious men . . . from the Emperor's prison planet. Sardaukar do not submit . . . they carry coils of shigawire in their hair . . . strong enough to garrote a man."

Profession Information

The Sardaukar were an elite fighting force of soldiers that served as the Imperial military under the Padishah Emperor. They were fierce, loyal, patriotic and merciless warriors, something they proved after Wellington Yueh spoke of pity, and they merely sneered. The Sardaukar were often referred to as House Sardaukar, in that they were a match for any House of the Landsraad, or that they werea house of their own or the term meant that they were "Sardaukar of the House".

The Sardaukar were feared by many Houses as no other force in the universe was able to match their might and fighting prowess, save at times the Fremen who eventually defeated them by virtue of far larger numbers, a parallel system of toughness in training, a code of Honor and Loyalty, and a religious fanaticism lent by their "Mahdi", Paul Atreides who unleashed them upon the Universe in "Holy Jihad". The Saudarkar crumbled under the quantity and quality of the Fremen.

Training Regime

Sardaukar were trained from infancy on the atomics-devastated world of Salusa Secundus. Salusa was supposedly a prison-planet, but was also home to their secret military training facility. Here they underwent the most brutal and rigorous training schemes imaginable, whilst they simultaneously struggled to stay alive on Salusa's devastated surface. Only six out of thirteen individuals were said to survive past the age of eleven, and those that did began to show traits of cruelty and soullessness. This training paralleled that of Spartan Warriors, who were indoctrinated cruelly in order give them a sense of "unit", an "edge" and a mythos that defeated their enemies before battle was even enjoined. Chances are that Sociopathic personal traits were cultivated in order to build "soulless killers" who obeyed orders without question but who were still dependent upon "Chain of Command".

Sarduakar who invaded the southern Sietches did not hestitate to slay Paul Atreides's infant son Leto, probably on command of Shaddam.

Another trait shared with Spartan Warriors was a Sardaukar's "laconic" manner of speaking. Sardaukar were almost always men of few words, more men of action. As far as can be determined there were no "philosophers" in the Sardaukar Corps who penned the equivalent of the "Five Rings" or "Art of War".

Sardaukar did "recruit" from inmates of Salusa Secundus. Units of Sardaukar would occasionally spar with groups of prisoners in order to "weed out" weaklings and collect the strong who survived for "training". Training of the prisoners included very harsh discipline, up to and including summary execution for obeying to follow orders or even to "keep up" during drills.

This emphasis upon "survivability" combined
A battalion of Sardaukar.
with the sheer brutality of their training meant that only the strongest were able to survive, and these strongest would go on to become Sardaukar, the pride of the Imperium. It was said that a single Sardaukar was worth ten of the best Landsraad soldiers available, that their skill in unarmed combat ability met that of a tenth level Ginaz Swordsmaster, and that their infighting abilities were near equal to those of a Bene Gesserit adept. It is quite possible that Sardaukar were adept at "living off of the land" and were probably indoctrinated in fulfilling the mission though they be the last survivor.

Sardaukar were also rewarded royally. Even the lowliest Sardaukar trooper enjoyed occasional rewards such as rich food, beautiful and willing lovers and the "finest luxuries". Sardaukar were paid but as far I can detect were not allowed to go "on leave" and did not have families outside of the Sardaukar. In this sense they seem to have elements of a Monastic fighting order akin to the Knights Templar., Shaolin Monks and other warrior-monastic communities.

A "trademark" battle tactic of Sardaukar were to stand "back to back" in "triangles" of three duringclose order combat. The Sardaukar used many different kinds of weapons, including aerially delivered bombs, stun weapons, toxins and projectile weapons. They also used knives and "weaponless" techniques. They would use body shields and suspensor units, even on Arrakis, a trait which invited worm attack, if the situation demanded their use. Sardaukar would not hesitate to "sterlize a planet" if so ordered by the Emperor or His designated representatives.

Rank and Organisation

Sardaukar forces used military ranks, General, Colonel, Captain and so on. Presumably, rank would be determined by prestige and prowess, as well as loyalty. They were organised into Brigades. Each brigade contained 30,000 soldiers, and when ten of these brigades were combined they formed a Legion, containing 300,000 soldiers in all.

Sardaukar officers could and did perform special tasks directly on behalf of the Emperor. The Sardaukar Officer who visited Baron Harkonnen on Arrakis just after the end of combat that began the Harkonnen Restoration on Arrakis insisted upon seeing the corpse of Leto Atreides. "His Majesty has commanded me to see the Corpse of the Atreides. He is insistent that his Cher Cousin dies cleanly and without agony". He would not defer to the Baron's protests that the site of the Atreides's death was not "clean" and replied to the Baron, "I will not be denied". This breach of manners that supported the Fraufreleuches system was completely appropriate for this Sardaukar Officer in that he was representing the Emperor Himself.

Small squads of Sardaukar accompanied the Emperor's family on visits to potentially hostile territory. They would and did "show the flag", reminding all of one of the powers that sustained the Quartz Throne.


Since the beginning of their rule, the Sardaukar served the Corrino Emperors with fierce loyalty. Death before betrayal was common, and the Sardaukar, during the hight of Corrino rule, were the most feared and renowned soldiers in the universe. This arrangement changed, after Paul Atreides overthrew the last Corrino Emperor, Shaddam Corrino IV, and he and his Sardaukar were banished to Salusa Secundus, where, though the Sardaukar still served their Emperor, they could no longer leave the planet, were no longer the feared fighting force of the universe, and their numbers had greatly diminished. In addition Paul Atreides promised to "gentle the planet" in order to weaken the Sardaukar.

An attempt was made by Wensicia Corrino, daughter of Shaddam and sister of Irulan Corrino, Paul's wife, to reinstate House Corrino as the Imperial House and restore the Sardaukar to their former glory. Wensicia did not expect that her son, Farad'n, would betray her, and join with the Atreides, giving control of the remaining Sardaukar, now only one powerful legion, to Leto Atreides II, the current Padishah Emperor.

The Sardaukar were later lead in an unsuccessful revolt against Leto by the reanimated corpse of Duncan Idaho, former swordsmaster of the Atreides. The revolt was quelled, Duncan killed once again, and some time later Leto ordered the abolishment of the Sardaukar Corps. They were replaced by the Fish Speakers, an all female army with Sardaukar blood in their veins.

The reason for female warriors was Leto's belief that a matriarchal fighting force was naturally vicious, and in the absence of an external enemy would not turn on themselves and the civilian population, in contrast to "Thrill Seeking" adolescent males who had traditionally been the fighting forces since human beings were bands of hunter gatherers and who would prey upon the "weak members" of the group in the absence of enemies. In addition, Leto styled the Fish Speakers as his "brides", thus cementing a loyalty to not only House Atreides but the Majesty of the Worm who was God.

As far as I am able to tell the Sardaukar did not admit females. There has been no mention of the identities of supporting arms, for example, Logistics and Intelligence functions. The Sardaukar were apparently the "tip of the spear" which kept House Corrino at the helm of the Empire for the generations between the end of the Butlerian Jihad up to the ascendancy of the Atreides Emperors.

Gallery of Uniforms and Variations

Highly Decorated Sardaukar
Sardaukar Berserker
SardaukarPalace Guard SardaukarSardaukar Commando (fan made)
Sardaukar (fan made)Sardaukar (fan made)Sardaukar (fan made)
Sardaukar Battalion (fan made)Sardaukar
Sardaukar BattalionSardaukar (fan made)

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