Shield Wall

The Shield Wall
Name: Shield Wall
Place type: Natural rock formation
Purpose: Protection of Arrakeen from wind and sandworm attacks.
Planetary Location: Arrakis
Inhabitants: None, save for maybe a few wild animals.
Affiliation: Used by the Fremen as a hideout, otherwise, no affiliation.
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Place Information

A natural wall of rock situated near Arrakeen, the primary city of Arrakis, the Shield Wall was used by the inhabitants of the city as a natural defensive barrier against storms, invasion, and sandworm attack. The shield wall's extremely useful positioning meant that they city of Arrakeen could be built directly behind it.

Attack on the Shield Wall

When Paul Atreides made his devastating attack on the Padishah Emperor, he first
Shield Wall broken
The Shield Wall Hole, with Paul's forces rushing through it.
used atomic weapons to blast a hole in the shield wall so that his forces could get through. After Paul had established himself as the emperor, this hole became a problem, as it let in storm winds and might let in a worm. The hole was therefore compensated for by the addition of a quanat, a large reservoir of water, being placed where the section of wall once stood. This prevented sandworm infiltration, but most likely did not hinder storms.

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