Spacing Guild Calendar

1 A.G.: Foldspace Shipping Company takes the name Spacing Guild and monopolizes space commerce, transport and interplanetary banking. Beginning of the Guild calendar.

-Extract from the Dune Novels Timeline.
Spacing Guild
Emblem of the Spacing Guild, previously known as the Foldspace Shipping Company before 1 A.G.

Term Overview

The Spacing Guild Calendar is a term used to describe the method of time-recording in the Dune Universe. It is known as the Spacing Guild Calendar due to the fact that it was established when the Spacing Guild came to power. The time-recording method used in the Dune Universe was as such: any event after the Spacing Guild's formation was stated to have occurred in A.G. (After the Guild), and any event before its formation was referred to as having happened in B.G. (Before the Guild). The measurement is much the same as our modern-day A.D. and B.C. calendar.


The Spacing Guild was established in 1 A.G. (approximately 13,000 A.D. by our calendar), when the company known then as Foldspace Shipping changed its name to the Spacing Guild and monopolised space travel. In 1 A.G., the Spacing Guild Calendar was established to mark the event. It would be used continuously for many thousands of years to record and archive history.

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