Spice Miners Guild

Spice Miners Guild
Name: Spice Miners Guild
Organisation Type: Guild
Center of Operations: Arrakis
Equipment and abilities: Mining equipment (harvesters, carry-alls) and mining workers.
Function: Spice Mining
Intentions: Continued profit

We are the Dune men; ours is a quick life. Quickly to sand, quickly to sift the spice, quickly comes the worm. The worm always comes, and death is also quick on the sand. Without us, no one would mine the spice, and the universe would grind to a halt. They all pay our price and you will be no different, our success brings profits beyond imaging... profits enough to buy yourself a place in the Landsraad.

Organisational Information

The primary mining organisation on Arrakis, one without whom spice production would grind to a halt, was the Spice Miners Guild. Lead by Director Omri B'rrican, the Spice Miners Guild consisted of a number of experienced veteran spice miners, who knew the deserts of Arrakis and the ways of the sandworm to an extent that only the Fremen could best. Every governor of Arrakis was required to have good favour with the spice miners, to ensure spice production and keep him in a good light with the Padishah Emperor and the Landsraad.

Every governor of Arrakis must strike a bargain with the Spice Miners Guild if he hopes to meet his quota and keep his house in the good graces of the Padishah Emperor and the Landsraad Council. The Atreides are no different. Duke Leto's first move as the new governor is to earn the respect and calm the fears of experienced spice men who know all too well the dangers of aiding a sworn enemy of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

Out of-Universe Information

The Spice Miners Guild, along with the Water Sellers Union and the Dune Smugglers, appears only in the Dune CCG, and is therefore considered non-canon.

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