The Suk School was an institution that trained Physicians suitable for the care of nobility. Possessing a "Pyrrhic conscience" the trained Suk Physician is unable to harm, an by extension, allow to come to harm, anyone under their care. Suk conditioning and the associated medical training is quite expensive. So is the research and development of Suk medicines and healing technology. Hence Suk Physicians come very dear, costing a considerable amount of money to the hiring nobility.


One known instance of a Suk Physician allowing their patient to come to harm was Wellington Yueh, the so called "Traitor to the Atreides" who betrayed Leto I and turned him over to Baron Harkonnen. Breaking Suk conditioning was considered impossible but it is possible that the Bene Gesserit Wanna Yueh had imprinted Wellington Yueh. This clash of intense feelings, watching the imprinter suffer in the "pain amplifiers" of Piter de Vries, might have broken or subdued Wellington Yueh's moral inhibition against causing harm to his patient.

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