The Thinking Machines

The Thinking Machines
Name: The Thinking Machines
Organisation Type: Oppressors and Enslavers
Center of Operations: Unknown
Equipment and abilities: Immortal, calculative, in control of many machines.
Function: Enslavement of the human race which created them.
Intentions: Continued enslavement of the human race.
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"Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind."
-The Orange Catholic Bible

Organizational Information

The Thinking Machines were a race of robot
Machines Serving Mankind
The Thinking Machines Serving mankind prior to their uprising.
computers, created by humans to be the ultimate servants and assistants. Since they were emotionless, and did not feel pain, they were useful in situations where the life of a human being would otherwise be in danger, or for jobs too menial or repulsive for a human to consider. They may well have been in use for some thousands of years prior to their rebellion against their masters. By the year of a least 1250 B.G., The Thinking Machines were controlled by a vastly powerful sentient computer network, known as Omnius, which was in turn controlled by the humans. Some Thinking Machines, such as Erasmus, had the ability of free-thinking, and could make decisions for themselves. This trait was not around during the human rule over machines.


Machines Enslave Mankind
The Thinking Machines, now under the control of the Titans, enslave mankind.
For many years the race of Thinking Machines remained loyal to their masters, until a group of twenty humans, after having seen the failure of Tlaloc in his attempt to shake up, and thereby interest, the bored populace of the Old Empire in 1287 B.G., betrayed their own race, took control and used them to enslave all of mankind. These twenty humans gave their machine servants the traits of human greed, lust for power and aggression. The twenty humans also integrated themselves with cybernetic weapons technology, and became Cymeks, immortal and immensely powerful robotic beings. The Cymeks ruled over the humans for a hundred years, and came to be known as the
The Butlerian Jihad
Humanity rebels against its machine masters during the Butlerian Jihad.
Titans. Omnius eventually overthrew the Titans, and enslaved them, keeping mankind in the service of machine kind, and governing a monstrous oppression over them.

The Butlerian Jihad

In 201 B.G., the Butlerian Jihad, a war against all thinking machines, began. It started after the free-thinking robot, Erasmus, killed Manion Butler, and thus incited the League of Nobles (a gathering ofthe last free humans) to rebel. The Jihad continued until 108 B.G., after many attempts made by either side, when the final battle, known as the Battle of Corrin, lead to the destruction of the machines. After this, the Orange Catholic Bible instated the religious law and taboo that none would ever again create a machine in the likeness of a man's mind. In place of Thinking Machines the skill of the Mentats, whose power calculative and logical minds rivalled the machine integrity, gradually became sought after for most factions.

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Machines Serving Mankind

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