The Baron's Doctor

The Baron's Doctor
Name: The Baron's Doctor (name unknown)
Lifespan: Unknown
Homeworld: Giedi Prime
Affiliation: House Harkonnen
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You are so beautiful, my Baron. Your skin - love to me. Your diseases - lovingly cared for for all eternity!
-The Baron's Doctor

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A trained medical expert in the service of Vladimir Harkonnen, this mysterious doctor, known only as the Baron's Doctor, was either truly enamoured with the idea of spending his remaining years tending to the Baron's conditions, or simply the sort that lays on flattery like butter over bread. The Baron apparently liked his Doctor, and called on him during his medical emergencies, of which there must have been many. It is presumed that the Doctor lived on Giedi Prime, in close proximity to his master.

Out of-Universe Information

The Baron's Doctor was portrayed by Leonardo Cimino in David Lynch's Dune. This is his only appearance, apart from in a few pieces of fan-art, and so he is considered non-canon. This however, is not a commonly known fact, and many believe he is a canonical character.

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