The Dune Encyclopedia

The Dune Encyclopedia
Name: The Dune Encyclopedia
Author: Dr Willis E. McNelly
Created in: June 1st 1984
First Published By: Berkley
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Here is a rich background (and foreground) for the Dune Chronicles, including scholarly bypaths and amusing sidelights. Some of the contributions are sure to arouse controversy, based as they are on questionable sources ... I must confess that I found it fascinating to re-enter here some of the sources on which the Chronicles are built. As the first "Dune fan," I give this encyclopedia my delighted approval, although I hold my own counsel on some of the issues still to be explored as the Chronicles unfold.
-Frank Herbert on the Dune Encyclopedia

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Compiled by Dr Willis E. McNelly, the Dune Encyclopedia was a supposedly accurate interpretation of the events in the Dune books, and many things not found in the books. It was compilled between the writing of God Emperor of Dune and Heretics of Dune, and, while McNelly was read the upcoming Dune installment, he also compiled information that was not canonical, but only because later Dune books contradicted it.

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