Throat of Hell

Name: Throat of Hell
Object Type: Poison
Found: In Tleilaxu Possession across the Universe
Function: Assasination
Affiliation: Bene Tleilax

Summarising Information

The "Throat of Hell" was a colloquial term for a neurotoxin created by the Bene Tleilaxu. The substance causes rapid paralysis within seconds followed by death when introduced through the skin. Used as a 'dart' poison by Tleilaxu operatives.

Out of-Universe Information

There are toxins which are capable of rapid action. "Shellfish" toxin can cause death within ten seconds of injection, as far as I know there is no known antidote. A Hawaiian poison, known as "Limu Make O Hana" can cause death within minutes unless immediate medical attention is provided. Some Tree Frog toxins can almost instantaneously halt the motion of an animal into which it's injected. Biological adepts, now and in the future, will be able to pervert science to produce such potent weapons.

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