Name: Thumper
Function: Sandworm attracting equipment
Manufactured by: Fremen
Affiliation: Fremen

"Short stake with a spring-driven clapper at one end", placed in the sand to 'call' sandworms."
-Explanation of the Thumper.

Technology Overview

To the Fremen of Arrakis, no mode of transportation was more efficient than that of riding on the back of a sandworm.
The Fremen Otheym utilises his maker hooks after calling a worm with a thumper.
However, the process of riding the sandworms required first that a sandworm be called. For this, the Fremen employed a thumper, a disposable stick like device, which, when placed in the sand, would create a rhythmic thumping noise that would resonate deep underground, thus summoning the all important sandworm. Once the snadworm emerged from the ground, it would devour the thumper, but a Fremen would be waiting nearby it, and attach maker hooks to its side as it surfaced. These hooks would allow control of the sandworm, and create a speedy method of transportation across the desert.

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