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An example of a few user boxes.


The following is a list of User boxes used on Dunepedia. They are to be used like Wikipedia User Boxes, on a User's Profile page, to give a short and simple description of the User. Just copy and paste the box you want onto your page. Don't forget, any user can make their own User Boxes, bearing in mind that they should be 250 pixel tables. If you have a userbox that you have created and would like to share with others, contact an admin or moderator and get them to paste it here. To see a "few" userboxes in context with their user page, see Edgelover.


StilgarThis User is Male.

JessicaThis User is Female.

Age (be sure to change yearly as appropriate)

AgeThis User is (insert age, if under 20) years old.

AgeThis User is (insert age, if over 20) years old.

AgeThis User is (insert age, if over 40) years old.

AgeThis User is (insert age) years old, but wishes (he/she) were (insert preferred age).


CaladanThis User has a wide knowledge of the Dune Universe.

Giedi PrimeThis User has a medium knowledge of the Dune Universe.

KaitainThis User has a basic knowledge of the Dune Universe.


BritainThis User hails from Britain.

USAThis User hails from the USA.

EuropeThis User hails from Europe.

IndiaThis User hails from India.


ChristianThis User is Christian.

JewishThis User is Jewish.

MuslimThis User is Muslim.

HinduThis User is Hindu.

BuddhistThis User is Buddhist.

AtheistThis User is an Atheist.

Religiously Open MindedThis User is Religiously Open Minded.


DuneThis User reads the Frank Herbert Dune Novels.

Hunters of DuneThis User reads the Prequel and Sequel Dune Novels.

Dune AudioThis User listens to Dune Audio Books

DuneThis User watches the David Lynch film and Sci Fi Channel series.

Emperor: Battle for DuneThis User plays Dune Video and Board Games.

Dune MerchandiseThis User collects Dune toys and Merchandise.

Dune CCGThis User plays the Dune CCG.

Dune Poster

This User is the proud owner of a Dune Poster.

Frank HerbertThis User reads other works of fiction by Frank Herbert.

JodorowskyThis User believes that Jodorowsky's version of Dune should have been made.

Non-Dune Related Fandom

Star WarsThis User is also a fan of Star Wars.

Doctor WhoThis User is also a fan of Doctor Who.

Magic the GatheringThis User is also a fan and player of Magic: The Gathering.

The HitchHiker's Guide to the GalaxyThis User is also a fan of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

TransformersThis User is also a fan of Transformers.

ALIENThis User is also a fan of the ALIEN films.

TolkienThis User is also a fan of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

The Lord of the RingsThis User is also a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

DCThis User is also a fan of DC Comics.

MarvelThis User is also a fan of Marvel Comics.

Dark HorseThis User is also a fan of Dark Horse Comics.


House AtreidesThis User supports House Atreides.

House HarkonnenThis User supports House Harkonnen.

House CorrinoThis User supports House Corrino.

FremenThis User supports the Fremen.

Bene TlielaxThis User supports the Bene Tlielax.

House OrdosThis User supports House Ordos.

House IxThis User supports House Ix.

Spacing GuildThis User supports the Spacing Guild.

Guild NavigatorThis User supports Guild Navigators.

Reverend MotherThis User supports Reverend Mothers.

User Made Boxes


DaliThis User supports Padishah Emperor Salvador Dali.

DalekThis User supports Daleks.


This User supports Edric.

AutobotThis User supports Autobots.


TowelThis User really knows where his towel is!

Marvin"Life. Don't talk to this User about life."

Troll KillerThis User is Anti-Troll.

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