Using Infoboxes


This page gives an in dept explanation of Infoboxes on Dunepedia

Below is an example of an infobox, empty of information:

This is what it will look like filled:

If you cannot find an image of the article's subject, add a related image. Below is an example. There are no pictures of The Barony, so a picture of the House Harkonnen emblem has been added instead, with an explanation of the image beneath it. Image descriptions are to be added only under these circumstances. This example table also has an image that is too small, so it has been centralised and the table expanded.
Guild Navigator
Name: Guild Navigator
Function: Interstellar Travel Overseer
Affiliation: Spacing Guild
The Barony
Symbol of House Harkonnen

Name: The Barony
Place type: Structure
Purpose: Housing and command center for The Baron Harkonnen
Planetary Location: Giedi Prime
Inhabitants: Harkonnens
Affiliation: House Harkonnen

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