Water Sellers Union

Water Sellers Union
Name: Water Sellers Union
Organisation Type: Monopoliser
Center of Operations: Arrakis
Equipment and abilities: Water acquiring and selling tactics.
Function:Water suppliers to Arrakian towns.
Intentions: Continued profit.

Water is life. By this maxim all Arrakis lives or dies. By this maxim the people here understand our power. Many factions vie for a claim on Arrakis, but they all come to us for their survival. Arrakis is a harsh world. You are wise to have allied with us, for we are the axis upon which Dune spins. Great Houses may rise and fall, but we will always be here. Aid us now and you will prosper as we prosper. In this, the time of change, we thrive!

Organisational Information

Lead by the profiteering Lingar Bewt, the Water Sellers Union was a union of water sellers and gatherers that monopolised Arrakis' most important natural resource, water. Every person in every town and village needed a supply of water, and the Water Sellers Union was the most reliable source, though it sometimes employed underhanded means.

Out of-Universe Information

The Water Sellers Union appears inly in the Dune CCG, and is therefore considered to be non-canon. It, along with the Spice Miners Guild and the Dune Smugglers, is one of the three improvised factions in the game.

Non-CanonThis Article is Non-Canon.

This article contains information featured only in Dune media, and not in the official Dune databases. It is therefore considered non-canon.

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