Weirding Way

Summarising Information

The Wierding Way was a style of Bene Gesserit combat. It relied heavily on Bene Gesserit command of Voice and knowledge of the limitations of human perception, misdirection and Prana-Bindu training. Considered "Magic" or "Weirding Way" by the uninitiated, the Bene Gesserit relied upon this system to defend Sisters and to promote their goals and objectives. The physical aspects of this system seem to rely heavily on physical techniques using strikes, especially balland "knife edge" of the foot kicks to the throat, temple neck. Another technique is the improbable but possible "disemboweling kick to the abdomen using the toes". There also seems to be an emphasis upon "tearing off the head" of an attacker with a kick. In contrast there seems to be a more limited emphasis upon throws and hand strikes. Well conditioned females are capable of excellent strikes with the hands and elbows, especially to the larnyx and other vulnerable areas. Grappling can be as much a matter of timing and application of strength than "brute force". Bene Gesserit techniques have never been elaborated to outsiders that use throws, joint locks or other economical methods, though such techniques are part of most "combat" systems. Part of the Bene Gesserit hand to hand training system seemed to require the practitioner to maintain callouses on the hands and feet. These callouses were also observed on "Honored Matres", who also had a "neural reflex" which increased speed of the kick (and apparently also its power) while reducing the effectiveness of counter moves. There is also the loss of initiative given that callouses are visible but techniques and timing may be concealed until needed.Weapon craft appears to be part of the Bene Gesserit technique though there is no particular "favourite" weapon of the order, as opposed to the Crysknife of the Fremen. Doubtless the presence of "Other Memory" provides a rich resource of weapons experience, combat skills, field craft and the entire panoply of warfare and espionage. These too are not elaborated upon to "outsiders".

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