Terraformation of Mars
Name: Terraformation
Cause: The deliberate modification of a planet, moon or other celestial body's atmosphere for the purpose of making it habitable for human beings.
Location: Across the Universe.

Summarising Information

Terraformation (meaning "Earth shaping"), is a scientific term used to refer to the deliberate changing of a planet, moon or other celestial body's atmosphere, temperature, surface, or general properties for the purpose of making it habitable for human beings. Terraforming was a widely used technique during the age of human expansion into outer space, creating an empire of mankind on thousands of worlds.

Terraforming Process

Terraforming processes would vary greatly depending on what particular category of deficiency that planet in question possessed. The most common deficiency was oxygen, without which humans would be unable to successfully colonise the world. Therefore, oxygenation techniques, involving the plantation of foliage and the addition of water to the planet were necessary. Other problems with other planetary colonisation included global climate, which needed to be stabilised and brought to a suitable temperature for life. For planets that were to cold, global warming techniques were needed, and for those with excessive heat, atmospheric cooling, involving the addition

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